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What's an Orthotist?

An orthotist is a university-qualified specialist in the assessment, prescription, manufacturing, fitting and review   of orthopaedic bracing for the upper and lower body       including the feet, knees, arms and spine.

An orthotist’s approach to footcare focuses on the treatment of biomechanical (structural) deficiencies of the feet and ankles, and not the removal of corns, callouses, ingrown toenails and other dermatological ailments of the feet. 

Our Specialties

- Treatment for flat feet/overpronation
- General foot pain
- Heel pain: Heel spurs and Plantar-fasciitis treatment
- Pain in the ball of the foot
- CAM Walker/Moon Boot fittings
- Waterproof fibreglass fracture casting
- Ankle, knee and wrist bracing
- Measurement and fitting of compression stockings 


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Why Choose Us?

We cater for all ages and lifestyles
Your consultations will always be with the same orthotist
We personally manufacture your foot orthotics and never send them away to be made
Softer, more comfortable orthotic materials are our speciality - no plastics!
Your orthotics will be made and fitted within one week of your initial consultation
We'll communicate with your GP, physiotherapist or other allied health practitioners to make sure that you get the best possible treatment
Free home visits to local patients for fracture treatments (conditions apply)
Ample parking

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For appointments and enquiries:
Phone: (03) 9570 3668
Fax: (03) 9563 5899  


Consulting Rooms/Postal Address:
165 Koornang Rd,
Carnegie VIC 3163


Home & Hospital Visits Available



  • Hi David,

    Thanks so much for seeing a few young patients of mine recently. Your professionalism and manner is greatly appreciated and well-received. I'm spreading the word up here about the service you offer for fracture casting - so many people are impressed. I have no hesitation in recommending you at all.

    Dr. J. Osborne, Ashwood
  • As a physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor, I come across many patients with poor lower limb biomechanics. This can affect their walking patterns which can result in hip, knee, ankle and lower back pain. David has helped many of my patients restore normal movement patterning with orthotics, exercise prescription and advice. I will continue to refer any of my clients needing orthotic advice to seek help from David.

    Fiona, Clayton
  • When my doctor referred me to you, she recommended that I see an Orthotist. My first thought was, "What's an Orthotist?" HA! Two years on, my orthotics are doing great and are still serving me well. Your treatment made all the difference to the pain I was having in my heel, and I am eternally appreciative of that every day! 

    Christina, Beaumaris 



  • I first met David in 2008 after battling with foot pain for a number of years. He made me a pair of orthotics that fitted perfectly from the first day I wore them and the pain thankfully eased. I have had the same pair of orthotics for four years now with some adjustments made to them along the way, and they continue to assist me tremendously.

    I have found David to be very skilled and most astute in his diagnosis and assessment of the situation at hand, very friendly and patient oriented. I highly recommend him as an orthotist. 

    Lianne, Murrumbeena
  • As a desk jockey working a typical 9-to-5 job,  I didn't think it necessary to speak to anyone about my feet. However, following a raft of issues involving my calves, knees and even lower back, I was advised by my physio to have my foot alignment assessed. After my initial consultation at The Orthotic Clinic, David suggested that that my physical ailments were a result of excessive pronation as I walk and run. His knowledge on this topic is fantastic and he explained these issues in a manner that was understandable to me. David also educated me on the importance of good footwear,  and since being fitted with custom-made orthotics, I must say my physical issues have dissipated and my quality of life has improved! I will definitely recommend David's services to others.

    Jonathan, Brighton
  • Dear David,

    Thank you for fitting me with my back brace. Incidentally, I find now that it has made it possible for me to stand and talk to people, which I was not able to do before it was fitted. I also find that I virtually do not have any more pain when I am sitting, so it is obviously doing the job! 

    Joan, Malvern
  • As a competitive weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, knee pain was a very inconvenient hurdle I could not shrug off.  After trying everything, I finally had orthotics made by David, and since then, my knees have been painless and my performance is constantly improving.

    Jordan, Malvern East
  • After playing netball and basketball for almost 20 years, I almost had to give up playing due to ongoing knee issues. After trying a number of different treatments, none of which were effective, my physiotherapist referred me to David. The orthotics that he created for me are really comfortable, and I no longer experience any knee pain at all. I am playing and training five times a week now, and was even able to represent Australia at international level.

    Natalie, Caulfield South
  • For many years I had been getting shin splints when I ran on the treadmill at the gym. Due to the pain I was forced to cut my sessions short. That's when I went to see David at The Orthotic Clinic, who was determined to solve my problem. He asked me a series of questions to understand my history and lifestyle before examining my feet. He also spent time explaining my foot alignment problems - something no other practitioner had done before. He took a cast of my foot and fitted the orthotics within one week! At my next gym session a week later, I could not believe it but my shin splints had gone completely! My sessions are now longer, more enjoyable, and pain free. Thanks David! 

    Carly, McKinnon