Fracture Management

Have you just got your X-rays back and the news isn’t so good? The Orthotic Clinic offers a wide range of casts and braces designed for the treatment of fractures. We understand how debilitating even the slightest fracture can be, so our aim is to ensure you have the highest possible quality of life throughout the weeks of your fracture treatment. The days of heavy plaster casts and crutches are gone – you now have options!

We also offer complimentary home visits for fracture management.
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Waterproof Fibreglass Casting

The introduction of fibreglass casting has been one of the biggest advancements in fracture care in recent times. When compared to traditional plaster casts, fibreglass is significantly lighter, stronger and more durable. It also does not weaken when exposed to water, so if applied with waterproof cast padding, it can be used for showering and swimming. Let’s face it – no one likes wearing a cast, so why not make it more bearable? Waterproof casts are also more hygienic, because they can be rinsed out daily to remove sweat, oils and dead skin cells that typically accumulate beneath a cast over time.

Traditional plaster casts with standard undercast padding are also available, and when the time has come for it to come off, all casts applied by The Orthotic Clinic are removed free of charge.

Plaster Cast with Standard Felt Padding

Fibreglass Cast with Waterproof Cast Padding

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We offer complimentary home visits for fracture management. Conditions apply

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CAM Walkers

Suitable for stable, satisfactorily aligned fractures of the lower leg and foot, the CAM (Controlled Ankle Movement) Walker is a convenient alternative to a below-knee cast. When applied correctly, it provides effective immobilisation and weight relief to the fracture site, allowing the wearer to walk on the leg if permitted. Often crutches are not necessary, making life with a fracture easier, and much more functional. CAM Walkers can be removed for showering, sleeping and if x-rays/scans are required, and the soft foam lining on the inside of the boot provides a pleasantly surprising level of comfort for a fracture brace. You might not want to take it off afterwards!

Fracture Bracing

In addition to CAM Walkers, we also offer a wide range of custom-made and prefabricated splints and braces for fractures affecting the ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, arms, and spine. Many of these are made from thermoplastic materials, allowing them to be worn for showering.